Happy 4th of July

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As we approach 4th of July Weekend we want to wish everyone a SAFE and HAPPY Holiday weekend. If you are going out of town, safe travels!!! 

If you are staying in town, here are a few shows around the Metroplex you can try out. Some are parades that take place all day, some are gatherings that take place for a few hours with kids activities, and some just have a fireworks show. BUT they ALL Look very entertaining!

We will be spending some time at Cedar Creek Lake this weekend. If you are going to be out there, try to get to a location on the water where you can see down towards Pinnacle Club, and the Thunder over Cedar Creek Lake Air Show will be taking place around 6:00PM. It is a phenomenal show that ends with the Mig 17 just as the sun goes down. CHECK OUT HIS AFTERBURNER AT DARK!!