Hire Ebby Halliday and Save at Nebraska Furniture

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👏When you choose The Shubzda Group at Ebby Halliday Realtors® to represent your real estate needs🏡, in addition to the world-class service you’ll receive from Drew and Heather, you’re also entitled to some very special benefits upon the purchase or sale of your home. Ebby Halliday is excited to highlight their new partnership with fellow Berkshire Hathaway company Nebraska Furniture Mart.


Through the Ebby/Nebraska Furniture Mart partnership, which became effective August 16, 2019, anyone who buys or sells a home through the Ebby Halliday Companies is eligible for significant discounts at NFM.


What are the Benefits?

💰12% off furniture and flooring purchases

💰50% off the installation of appliances and electronics

Free in-home design services


These offers may be used in-store or online. Shop everything for your new home including furniture, flooring, appliances and electronics with factory trained experts in every department at Nebraska Furniture Mart.


Ebby Halliday and Nebraska Furniture Mart, a win-win for you!


*As was explained by NFM, appliance and electronic prices are more tightly controlled by the manufacturers which is why the 12% is applicable to furniture and flooring. However, NFM controls the installation costs on appliances and electronics and they have extended a 50% discount on those costs. 

*Offers can be utilized in-store or online at nfm.com, limited to a one-time use per customer.