Record Sales for Woodbridge - Sachse/Wylie, Tx

Market Trends

That’s right neighbors. Drew and Heather of the Shubzda Group at Ebby Halliday were researching some home sales stats for the Woodbridge Community and came across a record setting stat for home sales for June 2019. 

Stats below are for the Months of May, June, July 

Average Days on Market until Sale - 44

Average Sale Price - $295,871

Number of Homes Sold - 88

% of Sale Price to Original Price - 98.8%


Now the BIG Number you have been waiting for.....Drum Roll 🥁🥁

There were $11,970,280 worth of Home Sales in June of 2019. 

Thats right!!!! You read that right! $11,970,280 

The closest month next to June 2019 was May of 2018 with 10,677,090 in sold volume.

The Statistics above tell us that Woodbridge is a strong and sought after community! 

As full time REALTORS® it is our duty to try our best to stay up on local statistics and market trends. If you are looking for TWO Full Service local REALTORS® that continue to give back to their community, Give Drew and Heather a Call Today.  

These stats were pulled for ALL of Woodbridge, in both, Sachse and Wylie.