The Market is HOT, Even when it is Cold Outside

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Real Estate

Interested in making a move this year? Waiting for the Spring market to put your home on the market??

Why wait to sell?? The market is Hot, Even when it is Cold Outside!

Sometimes “beating” the rush of the Spring market is the best idea.

The Shubzda Group had 4 listings go active in the last 2 weeks, 3 of which went under contract within the first week and 2 received multiple offers.

There is a lot of rumor out there that it is not a good market anymore, or the market has “shifted”. We can’t stress enough to you that the market is still GREAT!

Interest Rates being at 12 month low have been a factor of this great market and have driven an early spring market 2019. We just had a buyer client lock in a 4.3% rate. We were around 4.5% this time last year.

With some good advice and effort to  “Prepare” your home for sale by the Shubzda Group, we assure you, you will look better than your immediate competition. Therefore you will experience results.  

If you, or someone you know is interested in selling, we cannot stress enough to call Real Estate Experts like The Shubzda Group that are relative to the market and understand the process of getting homes SOLD!